12 Ways to Eat More Vegetables in your Diet

The world of nutrition is full of controversies. Although we scientifically have a good understanding of the nutrients and their properties, we do not have everything discovered when it comes to their influence on the human organism.

There are slopes of all kinds, from fully vegetarian or even vegan, to fully carnivorous. However, despite so many controversies, something that most agree on (with the exception of carnivores, which are a small percentage), is that the more vegetables, the better.

However, increasing the amount of vegetables we eat is not always an easy task, for reasons such as access to the type of vegetables depending on the location and season to taste, which, we must admit, is usually not the best.

15 tricks to eat more vegetables

1.Add vegetables to your eggs

If you like to have scrambled eggs or some kind of tortilla, it is an excellent idea to add vegetables. Those that best combine with eggs in the morning can be spinach, peppers, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.

2.Replace fried potatoes with salad

It is normal that when we eat out we ask for the main course fried potatoes as a companion. Therefore, let’s take it as a habit to ask for a salad instead.

3.Take vegetables as snacks

Throughout the day we may have anxiety about eating something tasty, and we usually opt for harmful packaged products that may be high in sugars or dyes. The best thing, instead, is to replace them with some vegetable that is tasty accompanied with a sauce like hummus or guacamole. Examples of this type of vegetables are celery, carrots and broccoli.

4.Buy chopped vegetables

If one of your main problems is the lack of time and you cannot prepare and cut your vegetables, a good option is to buy them cut and ready to use.

5.Cook a new vegetable every month

It is normal to eat all the time the same bored us pretty quickly, and more when it comes to vegetables. For this, the ideal would be that every month we experiment with a new vegetable and a new way of preparing it so that we give more variety to our diet.

6.See photos of appetizing vegetables

It is totally true that the sight often makes us want some food. Let’s take advantage of that and see pictures of dishes whose strong point is vegetables and marvel, until we want to eat more vegetables.

7.Set aside one hour a week for your vegetables

Each week we can set aside an hour that is totally dedicated to our vegetables. In this hour we will cut and save them correctly to consume them throughout the week.

8.Try again a vegetable that you did not like

Maybe you have bad memories of the taste of some vegetable, but maybe it was not that vegetable as such, but its preparation. Give it a new opportunity but with a different preparation and maybe this time you like it.

9.Add vegetables to ground beef

If you do not want the concentrated flavor that vegetables can have, you can incorporate them into your ground meat. For example, in hamburgers, meatballs or meatloaf you can add striped carrots or cucumbers to the mix.

10.Make your vegetables on the grill

Some vegetables increase their flavor considerably if prepared on the grill. Some examples are corn, carrots and cauliflower. We just spray them with a little oil and season them before placing them on the grill.

11.Eat soups with plenty of vegetables

Try to incorporate into your diet soups that have a good portion of vegetables. There are many delicious options in this area, so it should be quite simple. We can start with strong bases, such as onion soup or carrot soup, and add pieces of other vegetables as a companion.

12.Use vegetable soups as an input

Many times we eat too much because we feel that the main course does not fill us enough. To remedy this, let’s try to eat our vegetable soup as an entrance, and so we will fill up a bit more, but with foods of better nutritional value.

13.Double the portion of vegetables in the recipes

Perhaps many of the dishes that you consume regularly contain vegetables naturally. Therefore, an excellent option to instantly increase your consumption of vegetables is to double the amount of these recipes.

14.Change the mayonnaise for a vegetable sauce

Instead of mayonnaise or butter, prepare your own sauce with vegetables. There are innumerable options, from guacamole to pesto.

15.Drink water instead of soda

It has been proven that drinking water increases our satiety levels and our predisposition to eat vegetables.


Increase the amount of vegetables we consume is indisputably, one of the best decisions we can make when our health is about. But for different reasons, it is not always easy to do so.

Look to incorporate some of these tips into your routine and you will see an increase in the amount of vegetables you consume and with it an improvement in your health and well-being.

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