16 Natural Diuretics That Helps to Keep You Healthy!

What is a diuretics? Any substance that promotes the expulsion of water and salt from your kidneys through urine is called diuretic. When more water and salt are expelled from your body, you will have less fluid in your blood vessels, making your blood pressure decrease, which will also make it easier for the heart to pump blood. Regular consumption of diuretics will be the first recommendation your doctor will give to control blood pressure. Although many people do not believe it, most fruits have diuretic properties that could also be used to lose some weight (this because they increase the expulsion of fluid from your body).


Artichokes are an excellent natural diuretic, since it collaborates with the optimal performance of renal functions. The antioxidant properties of artichokes are one of the highest among vegetables. The diuretic power of the artichoke resides in a compound called “cinnarine” which reduces excess fluids, and therefore also swelling. It is recommended to consume the artichokes in their natural state, since heat destroys the cinnarine that it contains. Supplements produced from artichoke extract are used to improve bile release and to reduce the risk of liver problems. In addition to being one of the best diuretics you can get, artichokes also help reduce weight, help with easier and better digestion, and are full of vitamins and minerals.


On average, watermelons are made up of 92% water. Although it contains large amounts of sugar (natural), it is a healthy choice that will promote urination. It brings many more benefits if you consume the fruit instead of drinking its juice. In addition, watermelons are rich in antioxidants.


Many people have experienced that the smell of urine changes after consuming asparagus (although it sounds disgusting). This happens very fast, which proves by itself that this vegetable is a fantastic diuretic. The reason for this characteristic smell is due to the component called mercaptan, which releases that smell when it is absorbed by the digestive system. In less than 30 minutes of eating the vegetable, you can smell the mercaptan contained in the asparagus. Thus we have that, asparagus is a very nutritious meal that also acts as a diuretic It is also rich in antioxidants and its regular consumption can provide many more benefits.

Horse Tail:

If you wonder what horsetail is for, I tell you that it contains flavonoids and other types of substances that collaborate with the integrity of cells, improve the health of the urinary system and regulate blood pressure.

“Horsetail has the very pleasant characteristic of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells”.

It is usually consumed as a supplement, but it can also be consumed as an infusion; for this you just have to boil water and add three teaspoons of horsetail. A study conducted in 2014 showed that horsetail extract has the same effects as prescription drugs, but with fewer side effects. Horsetail can be an excellent alternative to prescription medications, especially if you have had problems with the side effects of other medications.

Ortiga Leaves:

Nettle Leaves contain minerals, vitamins and many other compounds. These components collaborate with the organs responsible for the elimination of toxins, regulate urination and help in general with the detoxification of the body. So you can feel safe and happy to add it to your salads, it is an herb with dense nutritional properties.


The experts in the field of nutrition ensure that lemons are ideal to help empty excess water from the system; lemons are also known to collaborate with the immune system to get rid of toxins. Lemons have countless benefits and are used to cure a wide variety of conditions. For example, they help reduce high blood pressure, heal the urinary tract system, and it can be mixed with water for consumption or added to meals.


It may seem very obvious, but it is one of the diuretics that are most overlooked when you want to fight against fluid retention. When the body is hydrated it does not need to retain fluids and since the water can keep you hydrated it is obvious that you will not have that problem.


Dandelion leaves contain minerals (including potassium), vitamins and other compounds that promote proper fluid balance in addition to stimulating urinary flow Remember that dandelion is bitter, so add something sweet like honey.


Cucumbers are a great natural diuretic because it is naturally moisturizing. It works quickly to get rid of excess fluids because it contains many minerals, vitamins and water. Cucumbers help detoxify our system, improve urinary function, help the body fight diabetes, assist in the control of body weight, and it is also rich in antioxidants that help prevent cancer and the minerals it contains keeps us with Energy during the day.


Nutritionists often recommend celery because it is low in calories, has a lot of fiber and has a lot of water (which means that your body will be more efficient when you get rid of it) and much better, it is a vegetable that tastes great when used in soups. If you don’t like the taste of celery, you can mix it in some smoothie or fruit.


Known as a powerful anti-inflammatory, ginger is highly recommended to get rid of excess fluids. You just have to add it to tea or salad. Ginger has many health benefits, but you cannot take it as you get it in nature, so you should mix it with your favorite recipes as a type of seasoning. Similarly you can add it to tea or water; with any type of application it will help you detoxify your body.

Mint Tea:

Peppermint is well known in health food stores for a good reason. This plant fights fluid retention while improving the digestive process. If you feel very full after a great meal, consume mint tea by placing some of this leaf in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes.


It is a natural diuretic sweet peaches can be very effective when consumed or when added in smoothies and salads. If you think you have trouble evacuating, you can eat up to 6 peaches and it will help you regulate the digestive system process (I recommend you to be near a bath).


Beets have the ability to wash the liver; In fact, many people report going to the bathroom immediately after consumption. The specialists in the area declare that the best way to obtain all its benefits is to add carrots, apples or ginger to obtain an effective diuretic juice. So we have beets work as a diuretics and contain a rare antioxidant called betalaine.


This delicious yellow fruit has a lot of digestive enzymes and is a natural diuretics. Pineapples are considered a very versatile diuretic since you can consume them in different ways, either in juice or by adding it to smoothies.


Parsley is one of the best natural diuretics. Parsley increases the flow of urine, which means that it also increases water secretion without affecting the electrolyte count such as sodium and potassium. The best thing about parsley is that it also helps with weight loss and reduces blood pressure.


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