5 Healthy and Balanced Breakfast that Helps to Lose Weight!!

  Joint Pain Hack Curafen Memory Hack   Healthy ingredients such as oatmeal, natural yogurt and fruits allow us to prepare healthy and balanced breakfasts, perfect for a balanced diet and optimal physical and mental performance. When it comes to losing weight, breakfast becomes one of the most important meals of the day. “And not only when it comes to

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Diet and nutrition | The definitive guide to the low sodium diet

The Sodium is an essential mineral, involved in many important body functions such as cell function, fluid regulation, electrolyte balance and blood pressure maintenance. This mineral is found in common foods such as eggs and vegetables. It is also a main component of table salt (sodium chloride). Although vital for health, dietary sodium is sometimes limited in some circumstances. For

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Turmeric and cinnamon tea to lose weight & and other recipes

Turmeric is a spice present in most kitchens in northern India. The active component of turmeric, “curcumin” has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is said that turmeric helps you lose weight, treat obesity, metabolic problems and stomach problems, but is all this true? Find out below what science says about this. How can turmeric help you lose weight? – What

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