Simple Home Remedies that Helps to Treat Toothache!

Toothache appears suddenly and reaches quite high degrees of intensity. This pain has a huge impact on people’s daily lives since it can become unbearable. Toothache occurs due to friction or alteration of the nerve where the tooth is located, this alteration reaches the brain who perceives it as a very strong pain. When an intense toothache arises, even if it is mild, you should see a dentist to address the cause of that pain (tooth decay, gingivitis, abscesses, etc.) because it can get very complicated, due to how vulnerable the pain can be. teeth in general.

When going to a dentist, he will determine if the cause is infectious or traumatic and then prescribe an appropriate treatment. Always keep in mind that prevention is the best strategy to avoid unbearable infections or toothaches, so brushing three times a day and flossing should be a priority in the person. It is also important to take care of the diet and avoid excessive consumption of sugars that can also damage teeth. If left untreated, it can get complicated and bring symptoms such as fever, earache, swelling of the face and mucus. In what it takes to have your appointment with a dentist these natural remedies to eliminate pain will help you, at the same time that you get a friendly solution for oral health.

Natural Remedies for Toothache:

Currently there are various natural remedies for toothache, each of them is very effective and can be done to avoid staying with that pain. But EYE! That does not mean that it should not be treated since toothaches always have a cause, therefore it is advisable to visit a dentist to be able to determine why the pain, since only relieving pain can a problem that has severe complications be delayed and serious. However, as far as pain is concerned, all the natural remedies for toothache contained in this article are quite effective in relieving pain, keep them in mind to perform them or recommend them to a friend or relative, so as not to have to deal with these pains annoying. In each of the people the effect varies so it is advisable to test which of all produces greater relief and start using it. Best of all, they are 100% natural and health-friendly, without the use of drugs or chemicals that can expose the person’s health:

· Garlic Remedy:

Garlic is a great ally against toothache. It can be used in two ways, the first chewing a head of garlic for several minutes several times a day, this can be annoying for some due to the taste and breath that garlic can leave; Therefore, if this is the case, the second option can be used, which will have the same positive effect, consists in undoing a garlic head, mixing it with coarse salt and applying it to the area that causes the pain, repeating it several times a day until the pain cessation. In both cases the effect will be positive.

· Mint Tea:

Peppermint tea has several medicinal properties. The technique involves placing mint leaves in a bowl and boiling with water for 20 minutes. It should not be taken but rather gargle or swish for 10 minutes when the tea is still hot. Do it several times a day so that the pain does not return.

“Tea is quite effective and is a very easy and convenient way to relieve pain. It is advisable to apply it several times a day”.

· Nails with Honey:

The use of nails is highly recommended. Place and undo nails in hot honey, then apply it to the area where the pain is occurring, this remedy completely sleeps the area, relieving pain almost immediately.

· Clove Oil:

This definitely could not be left out of the 3 best home remedies for toothache. Clove oil is very effective because it numbs the affected part, it is so effective that some dentists use it as a topical anesthetic. Its use consists of wetting some clove oil and passing it through the area with pain. If clove oil is not achieved, cloves can be used and soaked in hot honey, then applied in the same way, this remedy is perhaps the best of the three.

· Lime:

Lime is very effective for toothache. To use it, it is necessary to squeeze the juice of the lime and with a cotton ball spread it in the area where the pain is occurring.

· Salt and Pepper:

Salt and pepper work very well due to its ingredients. Mix salt and pepper with a little water to obtain a paste mixture, and then apply this mixture in the area where the pain occurs.

· Vanilla:

The extract or essence of vanilla is one of the most popular, it consists of using vanilla essence to rinse for ten minutes, then apply with a cotton where the pain is occurring.

· Poppy Roots:

Undo poppy roots with salt until a paste is achieved, once it is applied to the affected area.

· Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide works very well when rinsing, as it disinfects and deflates the area.

· Warm Salt Water:

Rinse warm salt water after each meal to relax the area.

· Chew and Sleep:

When toothache occurs you should avoid chewing on the side of the affected area as well as sleeping on the same side.

· Alcohol:

Place a piece of cotton wool soaked in liquor on the tooth or tooth that is causing you pain … alcohol will numb the area and take away the pain for several hours.vUse a swab with brandy to rub it on the affected area to relieve pain.

· Avoid Cold, Hot or Sweet Drinks:

Avoid drinking cold, hot or sweet drinks. As well as foods that are usually very hard for the teeth, because some complication may arise.

· Moderate Exercise:

Do some moderate exercise such as walking, because this way endorphins are released in just 25 minutes, which helps to relieve pain naturally. It is important to note that the person must feel capable since many times this pain is so strong that it does not allow any activity.

· Head Up:

Always keep your head up even at bedtime, this can help relieve pain in the area. It should be noted that each of these solutions works differently with each person, therefore it is necessary for those who suffer from pain to prove which one best suits them, it is also perfectly feasible to combine these natural remedies to have a greater effect. These are the most effective natural remedies for toothache, taking them into account is highly recommended because many times the toothache comes unexpectedly and can be desperate for the person who suffers it and may not even let sleep The person at night, therefore each of these remedies works very well and are highly recommended. Beyond the pain that turns out to be very irritating and uncomfortable there are also the effects derived from toothache, which can be bad breath, palpitations in the area of ​​pain, earache and swelling of the mouth, so also the importance of mitigate them. Do not forget that treating pain is necessary and good, for them you can follow the advice provided here … but if you do not treat the causes of the symptoms the pain will return indefinitely. Go to your dentist and eliminate the true cause of your toothache whether it is a tooth decay, an infection or another cause. It should not be forgotten that it is essential to know the reason why a person is suffering from toothaches because these can be due to problems such as tooth decay or infections, which can be aggravated and intensify this pain until it is really unbearable. Dental health is very important and should not be overlooked by anyone, so dental cleaning every 6 months and check-ups with the dentist should be a priority.

How to Prevent Toothache?

Toothaches are really annoying and intense, they occur suddenly and in most cases the intensity increases gradually. This section describes how to prevent toothache to avoid such discomfort and even complications. Toothache can arise due to different causes such as tooth decay, gingivitis, abscesses, infections, among others. This pain can bring other symptoms such as earache, swelling of the face, fever and difficulty swallowing and breathing. This is why it is highly preferable to prevent these scenarios from happening since when toothache occurs it is because there is something that is specifically causing it and it is necessary to treat it, unlike other pains where they are only momentary so that today you will learn how to prevent toothache. The best prevention for a toothache, and even other complications, will always be a correct dental health that includes the following:

· Dental Cleaning:

Dental cleaning three times a day after each meal, as well as changing the brush every 3 months because it wears out and may not fulfill its function well once it has deteriorated, so this aspect is necessary to take it into account. It is also advisable to use a dental irrigator for a deeper cleaning.

· Floss

Flossing is very important for oral cleaning, many people forget it as part of their toilet but it is more important than it seems. The importance of flossing lies in the fact that it is necessary to remove the food residues that remain between the teeth or teeth, because if they remain there they can cause tooth decay, while causing bad breath, tooth decay can be between the pieces and that the person does not feel or know that he has them, that is why the use of the thread is so important.

· Go to the Dentist:

Perform regular check-ups with a dentist so you can follow up on oral health, as well as perform a general cleaning every 6 months. It is necessary to take care of cavities or any other problem that may exist regarding dental health as soon as possible. It should not be postponed because a complication is much more painful and expensive.

· Mouthwash:

Finally using antiseptic mouthwashes is very useful to eliminate all those bacteria that are in the tongue and gums, this will complement a successful cleaning. Once you have good oral health it is necessary to perform the oral hygiene standards mentioned above to prevent toothaches and other complications.

Recommendations on Food and Toothache Prevention:

Foods that are ingested also have repercussions on tooth decay and therefore on toothache. As much as possible, avoid eating too much sugar and water that contains a lot of sugar since this weakens your teeth over time. Really, the prevention of toothache is around good oral health. The correct cleaning and check-ups with the dentist are the ones that will avoid these complications. Many people do not prioritize dental health and this is a mistake, since this is very important because when there are complications, sometimes they impact on daily life and are usually very uncomfortable and annoying, so it is the importance of care and oral hygiene to prevent toothache.

Toothache of Judgment:

Wisdom teeth are those that begin to emerge from 18 to 26 years. These are useless molars that are really not necessary since they do not help to chew better but rather come out defectively so that sometimes it is necessary to remove them. Due to this defect they can cause great pains in the person, that is why in this short article there will be a review about the best tips to relieve the toothache and the consequences of performing certain actions. There are four wisdom teeth, one for each oral quadrant, they are located in the last position of the teeth, to the bottom. These teeth can affect the other teeth because they can put pressure on them causing them to deviate, in this case it will be necessary to remove those teeth. These wheels come out when all the pieces are arranged and the growth has come to an end. There are some cases where these molars do come out in the correct position and therefore do not produce pain nor do they need to be removed.

Why Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Although the wisdom teeth hurt due to the bad position and subsequent eruptions that it originates it can also be for other reasons:

1. Caries in wisdom teeth, a complication that arises in several cases but is less likely.

2. Pain in the neighboring tooth because it falls on the other tooth and confuses the person about the pain.

3. Performance of a failed root canal in the wisdom tooth.

4. Pain due to the appearance of periodontitis in the wisdom teeth.

Toothache pain is caused by inflammation, rather than for the reasons described above. When the patient feels “thrusts” or “pressures” it is an inflammation in the area that is being caused by the wisdom teeth.

How to Relieve the Pain of Wisdom Teeth?

It is necessary to make clear that it is not enough to just look for home remedies since due to the eruptions and inflammations, it is necessary to attack the problem from its cause, because only the pain will be relieved for a brief moment, the information can be found in books and the Internet is useful but the definitive solution often happens to go to a dentist to extract such uncomfortable teeth. Keep in mind that if this is not done, major problems such as infections or the condition in the position of other teeth occur. Some people avoid extracting wisdom teeth because it is a painful process and a slow recovery, however sometimes this really must be done even if it implies discomfort for the person as it can cause nerve damage, cysts, nerve tumors and even deformation in the face. When one of these scenarios occurs, it can also cause difficulty opening the mouth, difficulty swallowing and a very strong toothache. Therefore the removal of wisdom teeth remains the only and the best solution for this pain. In summary, although it is okay to resort to natural remedies to relieve the wisdom tooth, and in this blog you will find a lot of information about it, you should always visit your dentist to give a definitive solution to the cause of the pain.


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