How To Lose 10 Kilos As Quickly As Possible

To lose weight quickly and effectively, several things are needed. Mainly, you have to change your lifestyle to a much healthier than you had previously, doing physical exercise and maintaining a low-calorie diet. In addition, you must implement new habits and have a lot of patience and willpower.

If you want to get the best results, we recommend you follow this guide to lose 10 kilos as fast as possible. Do not stay behind and start as soon as possible with our suggestions. How to lose kilos quickly and effectively

10 tips to lose 10 kilos quickly

1.Count the calories

It may seem like something very obvious, but counting calories is one of the main steps you must take to be able to lose weight.

Weight loss occurs when you consume more calories than you really should, either by decreasing your consumption or by increasing physical activity. Therefore, reducing calories by decreasing only their consumption is not a very good option. To do it more effectively you must combine the calorie count with other activities, such as exercising on a daily basis.

Make a count of the calories you consume daily, will take better healthier when eating decisions. In this sense, a study of 37 cases found that the programs that implemented the calorie count led people to reduce their weight approximately 3.3 kg more than those who did not perform this procedure.

To keep a good count of calorie consumption you can do it with the help of applications or keeping food diary .Counting calories helps you lose weight

2.Drink more water

Increasing water consumption is one of the easiest ways to increase weight loss with less effort. One study found that combining a low-calorie diet with good water intake before meals resulted in 44% more weight loss over a 12-week period.

Water can improve weight loss by increasing your metabolism and, temporarily, the calories your body burns after eating.

A study conducted in 14 adults, showed that the consumption of 500 ml of water increased the metabolism by 30% after 30-40 minutes. Similarly, the consumption of drinking water before meals makes you feel more satisfied at mealtime, reducing calorie consumption by 13%.Drink enough water to lose weight quickly

3.Increase protein consumption

To lose weight quickly, the consumption of enough protein is essential. A diet rich in protein has been associated with the decrease of abdominal fat, as well as with the preservation of muscle mass and metabolism (during weight loss).

A study of 19 adults determined that protein consumption by 15% increased the feeling of fullness and significantly reduced calorie intake. Another study showed that the consumption of protein at breakfast decreased the levels of ghrelin (a hormone that stimulates hunger) to a greater degree than a breakfast with a high level of carbohydrates.

Some protein sources that you should consume are the following: meat, seafood, poultry, and legumes, eggs, nuts and seeds .Eating more protein helps you lose weight

4.Reduce the consumption of carbohydrates

The consumption of high amounts of carbohydrates is associated with abdominal fat and weight gain. Therefore, reducing carbohydrate intake is always valid when you want to lose extra kilos.

The carbohydrates tend to have a high glycemic index, which means they are digested and absorbed quickly. Rapid digestion, in turn, causes peaks and falls in blood sugar levels, followed by an increase in hunger.

To begin with a carbohydrate-free diet, you should change refined grains into pasta, white breads, cereals, and processed foods such as couscous, quinoa, brown rice, or barley.

5.Start lifting weights

Resistance training is exercises that involve working against a weight to increase strength and muscular endurance. Implementing these types of exercises to your daily activities will help you increase fat burning and metabolism to help you burn more calories; even in resting state.

One study showed that 10 weeks of resistance training increases metabolism by 7%, stabilizes sugar levels in diabetic people and causes a loss of fat of approximately 1.8 kg in adults. Lift weights to eliminate kilos quickly

6.Eat more fiber

The fiber moves slowly and undigested through your gastrointestinal tract, which reduces the emptying of the stomach making you feel full for much longer.

A study in healthy men found that consuming 33 grams of soluble fiber (found in wheat and vegetables) was effective in reducing food intake and appetite.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds are an excellent source of fiber, which is essential for a diet where you want to lose weight .Eating fiber, helps you lose weight

7.Establish a sleep schedule

In addition to following a good diet and exercising properly to lose weight, it is equally important to sleep well. In this sense, a study of 245 women showed that sleeping at least seven hours a night (to obtain a good quality of sleep) increased the probability of losing weight by 33%.

Before sleeping it is advisable to reduce caffeine intake, follow a proper rest schedule and practice a relaxation ritual.

8.Fulfilling the objectives

You must stay responsible with your goals to lose weight. The key to success is based on maintaining a good long-term lifestyle.

How to achieve it? One of the ways to do it is by weighing yourself every day, in this way you will be informed if the work you have done has had an effect. You can also partner with a friend or an online community about weight loss to increase your motivation and help you meet your goals.

9.Perform cardio exercises

If you are looking to lose weight you must add cardio to your daily exercise routine. This is a form of aerobic exercise, which increases your heart rate and helps strengthen the heart and lungs.

A study of 141 overweight people showed that cardiovascular exercise alone was effective in inducing significant weight loss. The perfect exercises to lose weight are: walking, running, jumping rope, rowing and boxing, among much other possible options.Lose weight with cardio exercises

10.Eat slowly and carefully

Eating healthy and slowly can significantly help you lose weight and decrease your food intake.

One small study showed that eating slowly led to greater increases in the satiety hormones and the feeling of fullness than eating much faster. To do this, you should try to minimize distractions while you eat, chew your food more thoroughly and drink enough water with the food to help you slow down and thus increase the feeling of fullness.


Losing 10 kilos can seem like an arduous job, especially when you do not have an adequate level of health and fitness.

To make your weight loss much more effective, you must follow this series of steps that will help you in your daily struggle against those extra kilos. You will see that once you take the rhythm of this routine everything will be much easier for you.

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