Medicinal Properties of Basil and its Uses You may not Know!

Most recognize this herb for its aromatic qualities in local cuisine and cuisine, however, basil has many medicinal properties in the treatment of diseases of the entire body. What makes basil an accessible natural remedy is that it can grow almost anywhere, many people keep in this garden this versatile herb for domestic use because its growth occurs in seasons of abundant sun and then stay dry in You cook them in the winter season.

Starting from the basil essential oil we can discover the benefits of its main agents to explain how this herb is an excellent home remedy around your yard. Those who enjoy home remedies will use it as an infusion for digestive and gastrointestinal problems, its uses extend to the treatment of many ailments today. It is for this reason that we explain what components are responsible for alleviating these evils.

Basil Contains Eugenol:

It is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing, not only found in this herb but in many medicinal plants. Because it contains eugenol, it is used for the preparation of mouthwashes and household gingival pastes, thanks to its natural help in the battle against oral infections such as gingivitis. The eugenol for its decongestant can often be used as ointment bronchi in case of the flu or common cold. It is also often used for natural treatment against exhaustion, depression, migraine and insomnia.

Cinnamic Acid and Flavonoids are Found in Basil:

These pigments present in many vegetables, especially basil, protect against the damage of oxidizing agents, such as those caused by ultraviolet rays. Because our body is not able to produce it herbs such as basil are capable of producing these protective chemicals, it is for this reason that basil is beneficial for its qualities to soothe skin irritations.

Basil Polyphenols Against Hair Loss:

Basil has many herbs with high polyphenol content, which makes it a homemade antioxidant. These chemical substances are responsible for fighting naturally against cellular deterioration due to the loss of free radicals, this act as defenders to the oxidizing agents of our body. What makes basil the winner of the fight against hair loss is that its application to the scalp naturally nourishes and restores damage by external agents or the lack of nutrients that cause alopecia.

How Far Can You Get with Basil?

Although it has been linked to stimulation for milk production during breastfeeding, basil should be contraindicated in pregnancy because of its content in estragol, which in large quantities can be fatal. This powerful chemical has been listed as carcinogenic, as it can affect the fetus and of course the infant. Like any remedy that is consumed in excess, it can become irritating in the body and those who do not control the consumption of this herb will find them neurotoxic by its use without limitation.


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