The 11 best nootropics and the most effective ones that is still legal

The large number of medications and nootropic supplements on the market, can cause confusion at the time of purchase. It is possible that you choose one that does not enhance the effects you are looking for. To guide you in your search, today I mention the 11 most effective nootropic supplements:


Noopet is one of the most widely used nootropics in the market. One of its main effects is to produce an improvement in memory significantly.

Other advantages are:

  • Influences learning capacity
  • Improves reflexes and sensory perception
  • Increase general mood
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Increases logical thinking and general cognitive performance.

Specifically, Noopept works by stimulating the nicotinic receptors, AMPA and NDMA within the brain. This serves to increase the activity of neurotransmitters such as glutamate, acetylcholine, dopamine and even serotonin.

What is Noopept?

Noopept is the commercial name of a synthetic drug called N-fecilacetil-L-proliletilglicina, which have an effect similar to piracetam as nootropic medication and psychostimulant effect.

Thanks to these actions, the wide range of beneficial effects at the mental level is produced.

How to buy Noopept?

In Mexico, it can be obtained in free market or in the following pages online: in, and

In Spain, it can be obtained in Raw Powders, which is based in the United Kingdom and with shipments to Spain from 3 to 6 days. You can also search for Pure Nootropics and absorb your health or

2.Mind Lab Pro:

Mind Lab Pro is a supplement that consists of several nootropics and tries to influence all the cognitive areas of the brain. It has one of the most complex formulas and it does not contain caffeine, it does not contain GMOs, or soy, and it is allergen-free, and it is friendly to vegetarians.

As you can see, Mind Lab Pro’s strategy is to improve the different aspects of memory, mental performance, mood and resistance to stress maintenance and brain repair.

Its combination of nootropics is designed to affect brain energy, neurotransmitters, blood flow, brain waves and regeneration

This nootropic has a positive influence on 4 main areas of the cognitive area:

  • In memory (recover and increase learning)
  • Overall performance (You think faster, and you focus faster)
  • Mentality (increases creativity and motivation)
  • It has a structural impact (anti-aging and repair of brain injuries)

And that is why it is one of the most complete and consumed nootropics in the market.

Where to buy Mind Lab Pro? Only sell it on its official site .


Pramiracetam is a powerful nootropic, much more than its predecessors like piracetam. It is characterized by having a long half-life and its bioavailability is 100% since it is soluble in fat.

Pramiracetam works by binding to the acetylcholine receptor sites. It then inhibits its resting state so that it increases the potential of the neurons.

Thanks to this process, it helps to increase memory, increase learning capacity, improve brain energy, and improve attention capacity, concentration and focus.

Although it has very good cognitive effects, it has little influence on the increase in mood and decrease in anxiety when taken in powder.


Modafinil is one of the strongest nootropics on the market; therefore, you should consume it with caution. It was originally developed for clinical use in the treatment of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders.

It also serves to treat sleep apnea and promote greater alertness in shift workers, such as doctors and nurses.

However, this medication is not really a cure for these disorders, but it is considered a powerful agent of waking states. It is quite useful if you feel excessive daytime sleepiness or persistent fatigue.

Also, it has beneficial cognitive effects such as increased memory and mental energy, greater attention span, concentration and thinking in general.  

You must be careful with this medication, as it may eventually cause a tolerance. It is usually sold with a prescription, so consult your doctor before ingesting it.


Adrafinil is a nootropic that works in a similar way to modafinil, increasing energy at the mental level. It complies almost entirely with the same benefits. It is mainly used as an agent of waking states and to obtain other positive results at a cognitive level.

Adrafinil is an alternative to modafinil that does not require a prescription. However, I recommend that you take it for short periods to avoid possible tolerance to the medication and even to prevent side effects that may occur in your body. In addition, most of the literature with scientific evidence is limited to experiments on animals.


This supplement is a synthetic version of thiamine (vitamin B1) that was originally developed in Japan. Like the function that many vitamin B complexes fulfill, sulbutiamine helps increase the brain’s energy, leading to a greater capacity for attention and concentration. In addition, it contributes to induce a feeling of general well-being.

Although not really a nootropic, this supplement can be used in conjunction with other medications or supplements that are.


Fenilpiracetam is a stronger version of piracetam; it is 60 times more concentrated.

The only difference is that Fenilpiracetam has a phenyl molecule attached to the original piracetam molecule; therefore, they do not represent the same effects at the mental level. Fenilpiracetam helps improve tolerance to cold and stress.

Also, it improves the attention capacity, contributes with a better physical performance and in the recovery of the training. In addition, users report benefits at the cognitive level; increase of the memory, greater capacity of learning, better capacity of concentration and mental energy. It has been used in patients after cerebrovascular events.

How to buy fenilpiracetam in Mexico?

It can be obtained through some websites specialized in nootropics such as and


Aniracetam is an anxiolytic medication, which means it helps reduce stress and anxiety levels, in conjunction with increasing your mood and treating depression. If you are suffering from any of the aforementioned problems, you should consider this option.

This nootropic offers additional benefits, such as increased memory and greater concentration.


5-HTP within the body is converted to serotonin from L-tryptophan, which plays a fundamental role in the transmission of signals at the level of brain neurons.

Serotonin is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the regulation of moods and plays an important role in proper sleep patterns. Also, it can have a positive effect on the concentration and prevention of overexcitation of the brain.

10.Huperzine A:

Huperzine A is a natural nootropic that comes from a plant native to China called Huperzina serrata. The main function of this herbal supplement is to help increase the levels of acetylcholine inside the brain. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter that contributes to improve memory and cognitive functions. Its effectiveness in major memory problems such as Alzheimer’s disease has been investigated with promising results.

 If you have never ingested nootropics, this is the right place to start. It is mild and well tolerated if consumed in small doses.


Choline is one of the basic ingredients of nootropics. In addition, it is found naturally in many foods albeit at very low levels.

By ingesting a choline supplement, you make sure that your body has enough raw materials to produce acetylcholine, which as I mentioned before, is an important neurotransmitter.

Also, there is evidence to suggest that choline is a good enhancer of the effects of many nootropics. In addition, taking a good source of choline can help relieve headaches and other side effects produced by nootropics.

Do you have a prescription to buy nootropics?

In the first place it is important to clarify that not all nootropics are sold by prescription. This is because many do not classify as drugs but as supplements, therefore, you can buy them freely, for other nootropics if you have a prescription.

There are nootropics from natural sources, which you can buy in health food stores and herb stores.

Side effects of nootropics

Most people who consume nootropics in adequate doses have no side effects. However, since many supplements of this type are sold without medical indication, some people may ingest an excessive dose. In these cases, the chances of presenting an adverse effect are accentuated. Among the negative effects commonly found:

  • Allergic reactions.
  • Stomach ache.
  • Vomiting
  • High blood pressure.
  • Eventually addiction to nootropics.

In addition, its use is contraindicated in pregnant women, wet nurses and children due to the lack of studies in this population. If this is your case, I recommend you not ingest them.

Why take nootropics?

Nootropics are useful in case of developing some very demanding activity from the intellectual point of view or when it is necessary to memorize and retain a large amount of information, as it improves memory.

It can also be used to improve attention and concentration in cases of multiple simultaneous activities.

There are special medical conditions that always merit a specialized evaluation and detect some problem of greater consideration.

Best nootropics to study

The best nootropics to study are: Nootropil or Piracetam, Mind Lab Pro and Noopept.

Although there are always differences in the effects of these drugs in each individual. It is always suggested to start a simple medicine type vitamin supplement and take care of the food. Then move on to other alternatives.

Legal nootropics in Spain

The nootropics mentioned in this article can be obtained in Spain: Noopept, MindLabPro, Piracetam, Modafinil and Sulbutiamine.

Legal nootropics in Mexico

There are several nootropics that are of legal use in Mexico, such as Noopept, Modafinil (Modiodal) and Piracetam (Nootropil).

Nootropics without a prescription in Spain

Except for modafinil, the rest of the nootropics can be acquired without a prescription. However, we always recommend consulting your doctor before starting any therapy on your own.

Nootropics without a prescription in Mexico

Common nootropics such as MindLabPro, Noopept, Nootropil, Choline, phenylparcetan and 5-hydroxytryptophan can be purchased without a prescription.

The recommendation is to consult your doctor beforehand, since no drug is free of adverse effects and it is better to take it under proper supervision.

Can you buy nootropics in GNC?

There are some products considered nootropic that can be obtained in GNC, such as:

  • Carnitine: under the name of GNC Pro Performance Liquid Carnitine.
  • L-Carnitine Cuts.
  • L-Carnitine with B complex

What is Katovit?

Katovit is a drug composed of thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, nicotinamide, vitamin C and prolintan.

Prolintano is an amine derived from papaverine and is used as a stimulant to combat tiredness, asthenia and states of weakness or general wear.

Natural nootropic foods

Among the foods we consider nootropic we get those with a high content or nutritional value and rich in bioflavonoids, omega 3 and vitamins B, E and C.

We can mention eggs, green leafy vegetables, blue fish, nuts, dark chocolate and blueberries.

What are the best natural nootropics?

The natural nootropics or derivatives of plants and that are obtained under natural processes are:

  • Brahmi
  • Ginseng
  • Gingko biloba
  • Ashwagandha
  • Rhodiola
  • Huperzia serrata
  • Gotu Kola

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are medications or supplements that are used to improve memory and mental capacity.

Some of the effects that nootropics can produce are:

  • Improvement in memory
  • Increased learning capacity
  • Greater concentration and mental energy
  • Better attention and greater creativity
  • Better decision making
  • Increased concentration
  • More clarity of thoughts
  • Good mood and motivation.

Some nootropics may help Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, senile dementia, and age-related cognitive decline. One of the main effects of nootropics is to improve communication between neurons in the brain.

In this article we will understand a little more about nootropics, its effects and its contraindications. I will also recommend the 10 most effective nootropic supplements.

What are the nootropics for?

They are used to improve memory and mental agility, many university students in the United States use them to have better grades.

Its main function is to improve the potential of the human mind and with it many of the functions related to mental performance. Then I mention your main classifications according to their most common uses:

  • Those that improve the mood.
  • Nootropics to improve concentration.
  • Those that help fight anxiety.
  • Nootropics to improve memory.
  • Those that help improve rest, recovery and sleep.
  • Nootropics to combat cognitive diseases related to age.
  • Nootropics act by raising the source of neurochemicals in the brain. This process improves the supply of oxygen that reaches the neurons.

Now you know which the best nootropics in the market are, consult your doctor if you are motivated to start a treatment with any of these alternatives.

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