The science based 5 truth related about weight loss!!

Losing weight now means “being healthy”, but this in many cases is not true, so it becomes a sensitive issue, and more because of the waves of information on the subject to which we are constantly exposed. Such information can sabotage your goal of burning more calories than you consume.

When you notice it, you panic and questions arise as, where do I start to lose weight? Or how to differentiate the truth from the myths about weight loss?

Discover the 5 biggest lies related to weight loss.

5 lies about weight loss

Although the evidence contradicts them, there are several myths that are valid and are put into practice day by day even by people around you.

1.A small change in habit is equivalent to losing weight in the long term

Have you heard this premise? Surely, because it has become a common and reiterative advice, but not for real reason.

Making shallow and isolated changes, for example, a small daily walk or reduce the portions of food, will not help you lose those extra pounds, at most they will help you maintain your current weight.

If you want to see real results, you must adopt in unison several small changes that complement each other. For example, having a balanced diet and practicing physical exercise are two of the fundamentals that will surely help you lose weight, but if you add water intake, sleep well, decrease portions and chew food slowly, among others, you will contribute to maintain your body weight in a healthy and safe way.

2.If I stop eating, I will lose weight

You cannot be more wrong. If you suppress a meal or snack you will end up feeling more hungry, and you will end up serving larger portions at the next meal or you will attack the first thing that comes your way.

Despite what is believed, the intake of a snack does not have to be a factor to get fat , the key is to do well. How? Eating foods that are delicious besides being healthy, such asĀ  nuts , grapes and apples.

Keep in mind that if you know how to choose your snacks , they will improve the quality of your diet and your health in general, as well as helping you to sate the stomach without consuming additional calories.

3.Setting realistic goals will help you lose weight

Does it sound? This recommendation has been adopted by a majority of the population as a kind of mantra, not only in terms of weight loss, but in different areas of daily life.

Sustained in the premise that the more realistic you are, the lower the risk of discouragement for not reaching the goal, it is believed that by following this, you will avoid suffering a disappointment and renounce your objectives, psychological factors that play a prominent role in this affair.

However, and although this sounds like music to your ears, you should consider that perceiving what happens, as it happens in reality, usually makes you act without getting out of the schema, which skews the desire to try routines new to lose weight and to experiment methods that go out of the conventional, situation that you must avoid.

In fact, how realistic or unrealistic your weight loss goals will be will have a low impact on the amount of weight you lose. Therefore, consider putting new challenges that may be beyond your immediate reach and do not be afraid to set aggressive goals to achieve your goal of losing weight , just make sure they are healthy. Courage sure will motivate you more!

4.The intake of plant foods is key to losing weight

While it is true that fruits and vegetables are necessary to increase weight loss because of the benefits they have, eating them will not guarantee losing weight. As mentioned in the previous point, it is the mixture of different habits and activities that will help you crystallize your goal.

What is not in dispute is the fact that incorporating these foods rich in vitamins, fiber, water and other components, you will improve the overall quality of your diet. Therefore, try to replace carbohydrates with other foods that increase your body’s capacity to burn calories, such as green tea, a plus that together with others will help you obtain a significant result in the loss of those extra kilos.

5.You can eat what you want if you follow a low carb diet

The low – carb diets are highly controversial by the fact that its main slogan that “you can eat anything you want” is not entirely true.

The fact is that there is a marked difference between eating until you are “satisfied” and eating everything you want. Remember that low-carbohydrate diets are commonly consumed high-fat foods, whose excessive consumption is easy, if you do not pay attention to the signs of fullness of your body. Therefore, there is no absolute truth about this type of diet.

When it comes to losing weight, the ideal is to control the portions and choose the right carbohydrates, such as bread or wholemeal pasta instead of the other varieties.


In addition to making the decision to lose weight, it is essential that you do not wait to be prepared to do so. Just get going, maybe you’re running around looking for the perfect moment, and you’ll probably never be completely ready. Start now!

But if you are already trying, and have not yet managed to lose weight, consider the possibility that you are falling victim to the erroneous myths surrounding weight loss. Surely the guidelines you read will help you detect it. Also, do not forget to follow a healthy physical exercise program.

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