Few Tips that Helps You to Maintain a Balanced Diet.

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In addition to including foods of all the groups in our diet it is very important to make 5 daily meals and consume about two liters of water to keep us hydrated. In recent years, interest in adopting healthy lifestyles, improving nutrition and putting aside those habits that affect health and body weight have grown. Therefore, today we share with you the best advice for a balanced diet. People are still looking for ways to lose weight, but no longer with strict and dangerous diets, but betting on a healthy and balanced dietary plan. More and more people are able to understand that the body needs “a little bit of everything”. While it is essential to control the daily intake of calories, it is necessary to ensure optimal absorption of all nutrients.

How to plan it? What should the diet contain? Continue reading to find out.

What is a Balanced Diet?

It must be adjusted to the human biorhythm, providing energy foods during the activity period and structural foods for the nightly repair period. Among other things, you must take into account the life stage of the person, as well as the work of your metabolism, your possible diseases and lifestyle or habits.

Tips for a Balanced Diet

Through a balanced diet seeks to achieve adequate nutrition to care for the body and improve the quality of life without having to give up any food. Of course, this one tries to limit to the maximum some foods or combinations of foods that contain too many calories and a low nutritional contribution.

Let’s see below one by one some tips for a balanced diet:

1. Choose Variety

The body needs more than 40 different nutrients and there is no food that can provide them by itself. Designing a varied diet, controlled in calories and fat is key to achieve the ideal balance in the diet. It is important to increase the consumption of organic foods, minimizing processed and refined products.

Thus, a varied diet should include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fish and seafood
  • Lean meats
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Dairy and eggs

2. Have a Good Breakfast

All main meals are important and irreplaceable. However, breakfast should be highlighted,

“It is key both for body weight and to give an impulse of energy to the whole body”.

  • During the rest period the organism remains fasting. For this reason, upon awakening, it becomes necessary to “recharge” it with nutrients full of nutrients.
  • A good breakfast should contain up to 25% of the total calorie intake. It should include fresh foods and sources of protein.

3. Divide the Daily Portions

Among our tips for a balanced diet, we cannot fail to mention the portions. To learn more about food, it is essential to learn how to control portions. Instead of consuming three hearty main courses, it is best to divide meals for five or six small servings a day.

  • The consumption of these rations helps keep blood glucose levels stable throughout the day, which prevents these “binge” later.
  • By eating several times the body is maintained with energy and, therefore, those episodes of morning fatigue decrease.

4. Increase Water Consumption

Many ignore the role that water plays in health. The body is largely composed of this fluid. Therefore, to keep it hydrated, it is essential to consume around two liters per day.

  • Ingesting enough water activates the functions of the excretory organs and reduces the accumulation of fluids and toxins.
  • By optimizing blood circulation, it supports the oxygenation process and avoids problems of concentration or fatigue.

Do you want a more appetizing drink? The additions of plants or fruits are ideal to vary their flavor.

5. Limit the Consumption of Sugar and Salt

Gastronomy has its own customs. Therefore, it is normal that most recipes include between their ingredients a certain amount of sugar and salt. It is true that in small doses they cannot cause a noticeable impact on the body. The problem is that they eat too much and regularly, often ignoring its effects.

  • Both ingredients can cause imbalances in the body, both metabolic and cardiac and nervous.
  • Their excesses are related to disorders such as overweight, diabetes or fluid retention, among others.

The benefits of eating go hand in hand with the effects of exercise. Eating too many calories and being sedentary leads to a notorious increase in weight.Knowing this, as a final advice it is good to dedicate a few minutes of the day to a training plan. Moving the body helps burn excess calories and promotes physical and mental well-being. Have you found our advice for a balanced diet to be right? If in doubt, consult with the nutritionist!


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