Turmeric and cinnamon tea to lose weight & and other recipes

Turmeric is a spice present in most kitchens in northern India. The active component of turmeric, “curcumin” has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is said that turmeric helps you lose weight, treat obesity, metabolic problems and stomach problems, but is all this true? Find out below what science says about this.

How can turmeric help you lose weight? – What do the studies say?

If turmeric can help you lose weight by helping you metabolize body fat. In studies it has been found that this spice regulates lipid metabolism, digestion, provides properties that may help to stop the spread of fatty tissue and increases the flow of bile into the stomach, which favors more easily remove fat.

Of 44 obese people who took turmeric reduced their percentage of body fat by up to 8% in 30 days, in another medical study.

Turmeric improves the sensitivity of leptin, the satiety hormone. The more you accumulate, the less hunger you will have and consequently, you will eat less.

A scientific study in mice found that curcumin slows the formation of new cellular vessels in adipose tissue and in doing so stops the appearance of new body fat.

What is turmeric good for?                                                  

Turmeric also helps control blood sugar levels, strengthens the immune system and interacts effectively with adipose tissue to reduce inflammation. It reduces obesity and limits its adverse effects.

In conclusion: turmeric if it helps you lose weight.

Why add turmeric to your meals if you want to reduce your waistline?

Adding turmeric to your meals could accelerate the loss of fat from your diet.

Some subjects began to lose weight noticeably after adding curcumin to their diets, in a study in which scientists evaluated changes in eating programs and lifestyles of overweight people.

Turmeric longa, as it is also known, stimulates your metabolism to burn more fat through the acceleration of thermogenesis, a process that shrinks and eliminates fats trapped in your adipose tissues.

How to take turmeric to lose weight?

The main way to consume turmeric is in extracts or buys the whole root and grates it at home. It can be eaten as a condiment or eaten in tea before each meal.

One tablespoon is enough for one liter or four cups of water. The honey will serve to sweeten.

What is the recommended dose of turmeric to lose weight?

The daily consumption of turmeric powder should be 400 to 500 milligrams three times a day. The instructions on the label will be followed if ingested in capsules. Exceeding the recommended dose could cause side effects.

How to make turmeric tea with cinnamon to lose weight


  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 150 milliliters of water
  • 1 piece of 2 cm of ginger
  • 1 piece of 2 cm of turmeric root


Add the root of ginger and turmeric in a pot with water and boil for 5 minutes. Ideally, the content will boil until the flavors of the plants have combined with the water.

Add the cinnamon and mix for 2 minutes while the contents boil.

Filter and serve hot.

What side effects does turmeric tea have?

For some people it can cause irritation in the stomach, and as everything you should rest a week every 4 weeks of drinking tea.

Turmeric tea with cardamom

Turmeric tea can help you lose up to 5 kilograms in a week because of the thermogenic effects on your body that accelerate your metabolism, which leads to burn body fat faster and safely.

Tea favors the cure of digestive problems while reducing the levels of inflammation in your body. It also prevents cardiovascular diseases, regulates blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes.

How to prepare turmeric tea?


Honey to sweeten

One liter and a half of water

Two teaspoons of ground ginger

Three teaspoons of turmeric powder

One large teaspoon of ground cloves

Two teaspoons of ground cardamom


Boil the spices with the water in a teapot. Then reduce the heat and let it heat for 10 minutes for the ingredients to become an infusion.

Stretch the content and drink as it was. You can sweeten with a little sugar.

The routine intake of turmeric tea will help you lose weight.

Turmeric tea with milk or golden milk

In India, turmeric is usually combined with milk in a drink for people who have suffered some injury.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the plant can decrease the inflammation of lesions and therefore help to heal faster.

To lose weight more quickly drink 30 minutes before bedtime. Just add a spoonful of turmeric to a 250-milliliter cup of warm milk.

Green tea with turmeric

Take a piece of turmeric root about 3 centimeters and boil it in a cup of water for 5 to 7 minutes. Then add tea leaves. Wait 5 more minutes and strain the liquid.

Turmeric tropical smoothie

Below is a video of how to make a turmeric tropical smoothie:

Curcuma and ginger slimming capsules

If you do not have time to prepare turmeric tea or recipes with turmeric, you can take turmeric and ginger capsules of 2 or 3 pills daily or turmeric pills alone, obtaining all the benefits without putting the effort of cooking. If you want to know which are the best brands read our article of the best turmeric capsules.

How to use lemon and turmeric to lose weight

You can prepare some shots burning fats of ginger, lemon and turmeric to lose weight, watch the video below to see how they prepare:

Turmeric to prevent the accumulation of fats

Turmeric is very good to stay in shape as it prevents fats from accumulating.

A study in mice fed a high-fat diet found that curcumin from turmeric can fight the accumulation of fats in the liver and at the same time prevent the production of a substance called fetuin-A.

The liver synthesizes fetuin-A when you are overweight and sends it to the bloodstream. This substance is associated with several disorders in the metabolism, including insulin resistance, obesity, fatty acid and diabetes.

With turmeric curcumin it is possible to reduce fats in the liver and avoid the production of fetuin-A, a decisive action to lose weight and combat obesity.

Use turmeric to stimulate the change from your white adipose tissues to browns

The white adipose tissues react with turmeric and begin a process of darkening, in which they begin to have the characteristics of brown adipose tissues.

When the white adipose tissue passes through this process it begins to become a tissue that instead of storing fats and components, releases energy and is an active tissue.

Turmeric achieves that the uncoupling protein 1 or thermogenin increases its thermogenic power and that due to this it can improve its capacity to counteract the effects of excess caloric consumption.

Turmeric has capabilities that help it fight obesity by changing the way the body handles energy, making it a priority to store fats rather than burning it.

With turmeric you can stay slim even when eating a lot. It is also a great help to fight type 2 diabetes.

Turmeric suppresses inflammation that is related to obesity

The anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin is excellent for weight loss.

The inflammation produced by obesity is the cause of metabolic disorders that prevent the body from controlling blood sugars correctly.

Eating turmeric helps to prevent fat cells from becoming inflamed, as it acts against elements that cause this effect.

The adipose tissues of your body produce adipokines, substances that cause an inflammatory effect in general. These will cause an oxidative effect due to stress, if you have obesity.

With such a reaction to inflammation may occur other more serious medical conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disorders.

It was found that turmeric has the ability to counteract the inflammatory effects of adipokines.

Benefits of turmeric for your health

Turmeric promotes weight loss, is anti-inflammatory and helps detoxify the body. It has lipid-lowering properties, reduces blood cholesterol levels, which facilitates the loss of adipose tissue.

Its curcumin inhibits cell division in fat cells (adipocytes) with the reduction of the amount of blood that flows in them. Fat cells do not increase in number because of the lack of nutrients in fresh blood.

Turmeric stimulates a healthy intestinal flora

Your digestive tract adds about a kilo and a half of beneficial bacteria, number that should be the right proportion. When this balance is disturbed and harmful bacteria begin to lodge in the intestines, your body begins to suffer from inflammatory problems.

The bacteria of the intestinal flora have an important role in the immune response of your body against inflammation, which can lead to a problem of weight gain.

Fat cells are like small producers of inflammatory molecules that decrease our metabolic functions and encourage the production of more molecules of this type.

This can turn into a vicious circle if not dealt with in a timely manner. One way to counteract these effects is with the use of turmeric to lose weight.

Turmeric helps your liver heal

Turmeric has the ability to improve the way the liver works, the most important organ in the fat burning process.

When the toxins that we ingest in our diet and by our surroundings begin to affect the liver, problems will occur in the organism. This will lead to the organ reducing its effectiveness and potential to burn fat.

If your liver begins to fill with fats that can not process, your metabolism will enter a process of depletion and poor performance. As a result, you will begin to gain harmful weight.

Turmeric is effective to reduce the fats that accumulate in the liver, a fundamental decrease to maintain a healthy metabolism that will lead to lose weight and have a healthier body.

Dangers from the use of turmeric

Although the organisms are different in reaction, the side effects of turmeric are minimal. Nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and upset stomach are not ruled out.

Pregnant or lactating women will avoid its use. Any doubt must be answered by the doctor.

Patients with gallbladder problems, gastroesophageal reflux disease and diabetes will consult with the doctor before consuming the spice.

Caution will also be exercised when:

Combine with drugs or supplements to reduce blood clotting.

If you have had surgery or you will have it in a short time. If so, suspend its consumption in powder or extracts.

Turmeric is more effective and its properties are best used in powder, as a condiment or spice. Get a good quality and preferably organic.

Turmeric is a delicious superfood

Turmeric is a delicious and nutritious spice that provides flavor and proteins, vitamins C, E and K, minerals such as potassium, calcium, copper, iron, zinc and magnesium. Add also niacin and dietary fiber.

Do not forget to follow a balanced diet, exercise and hydrate your body with water. Enjoy its flavor and benefits.

Some warnings

Do not swallow turmeric if you have an empty stomach because it can cause reflux.

Consult with the doctor if it is safe to consume the spice to lose weight if you are under medical treatment.

Pregnant women and lactating women will avoid supplements with turmeric.

Avoid taking the spice at least two weeks before if you plan to have surgery.

How can you cook with turmeric?

Turmeric is an additive for meals, which is its main and best known employment.

You can add a little of it to the scrambled eggs in the morning or sprinkle over your cooked vegetables. It is also added to the shakes.

Combining turmeric with black pepper every time you cook will enhance its effects.

Turmeric supplements

Buying supplements prepared in tablets or capsules is an alternative if you have difficulty determining how to use turmeric to lose weight.

Ingesting it in its natural state will be ideal for the routine of losing kilos. The natural supplement will be used to reach the necessary dose if you want to cook with turmeric every day.

Our recommendation is that you look for products that indicate 95% of curcuminoids in their content. Turmeric Plus is a brand recommended for its good quality. You can request it from the official website.

Recommended dose of turmeric supplement

The recommended dose of turmeric for weight loss is between 400 and 600 milligrams three times a day or as indicated by each product.

By ingesting turmeric or curcumin you will ensure that it is accompanied by black pepper, which acts together with it and improves its absorption in the body. The same will be when cooking with the spice.


If you have been trying to lose weight for some time but the results still do not favor you, be sure to use every tool you have on hand to take advantage. Turmeric is one of these.

Although it is not a magical solution to this goal, it has many benefits for your health that make it worthwhile to use it.

With a cup of tea at least 3 times a week and add turmeric to the dishes you cook, you can guide your routine to the right path to improve the results in the loss of kilos. Your metabolism will accelerate and with that they will disappear in a short time.

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