15-Day Depurative Plan to Deflate and Lose Weight!

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It is convenient to maintain the guidelines of this depurative plan beyond the two weeks that it should last. Thus, you will get to benefit for more time from its detoxifying properties. Seasonal changes are excellent for a depurative or detox plan. Thanks to them, you could eliminate toxins and fluids from the body. It is an effective way to stay in the right weight according to our age and height. For all these reasons, detox plans are a feasible resource to improve physical appearance and, what is even more important, to prevent diseases. In this article, we explain how to make a simple and effective debugging to lose weight in a healthy way and gain, at the same time, in energy and vitality.

Reasons for Making a Depurative Plan

Once or twice a year, we should follow a depurative plan that allows us to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in our body. Some of the reasons why to do it, are:

  • Pernicious influence of environmental pollution on our health
  • smoking
  • stress
  • medicines
  • use of synthetic products for the care of our skin

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What is a Depurative Plan for?

To eliminate the negative effects of these factors on our body, we must make a depurative plan. Among its benefits are:

  • get a balanced weight in a healthy way
  • Eliminate excess fluid from our body, which causes swelling in the belly, legs, etc.
  • improve and prevent inflammatory , chronic and degenerative diseases
  • improve the condition of our skin, hair and nails
  • favor digestion and intestinal transit
  • increase defenses
  • Prevent the usual symptoms in seasonal changes: hair loss, allergies, asthenia , discouragement, etc.
  • regulate the nervous system and improve our mood
  • increase energy levels and vitality

Why Should it Last 15 Days

Two weeks is the time we need for our body to activate the purification mechanisms. Usually this practice is so effective that it is common that during the first week we could suffer some annoying symptoms such as headaches, some pimples, fatigue, etc. If, despite this, we persist, at the end of another week, we will feel much better and more vital. It is even recommended to follow these guidelines even beyond the two weeks that the depurative plan should last. Remember that

“Maintaining these guidelines is a way to modify your habits in pursuit of a healthier life”.

It is a fact that these small gestures can have great and favorable repercussions in the maintenance of health. In this way, following a depurative plan will encourage you to maintain healthy behaviors that, however, do not involve great sacrifices. And they do report, on the contrary, great welfare. Such is the influence of body weight on our physical condition and mental health.

Keys to the Success of the Depurative Plan

Here, then, are the fundamental keys for the purification plan to be a success:

On an Empty Stomach

As soon as you get up, drink glasses of water every day with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of baking soda powder. (If possible, try using apple cider vinegar.) Drink after the effervescence has taken place. Wait 45 minutes for breakfast.


Prepare an apple or pear smoothie with fresh and tender celery leaves, fresh spinach and avocado. Add cinnamon, ginger powder and vegetable oatmeal drink. Beat everything well. You can use, of these ingredients, the quantities you want and drink throughout the morning. In a complementary way, you could drink between infusions of green tea sweetened with a little stevia.


To eat, you could prepare a salad. As a second course, you can choose between poultry, fish or vegetables.


If you’re hungry in the middle of the afternoon, you could eat a handful of nuts with a fruit.


You must be prudent when dining. Remember that this is the food of the day that makes us fatter. Opt for sautéed vegetables, steamed or in cream, accompanied by an omelet or some fresh cheese. For dessert, you could take a pear or an apple, for example.

More tips

These tips will be of help for you to get benefit from this depurative 15-day plan:

  • Get used to chewing the food you eat with every meal you make during the day. You will see that the feeling of satiety arrives before and that, even, you digest them much better.
  • Avoid eating out of the house. Otherwise, it will be much harder to comply with the guidelines of this plan.
  • Drink water half an hour before each meal to facilitate the elimination of toxins. You will, by the way, feel less hungry when you start eating.
  • Try to eat in a relaxed environment, without stress and without haste.
  • The ideal is to eat food every 3 hours. You will avoid, in this way, the sudden hunger strike that forces you to eat what you should not. For between meals, choose whenever possible, an infusion, a fruit, a handful of nuts or a glass of vegetable drink.
  • Try that the people who live with you share the depurative plan or some of these habits so that it is easier for you to follow it. You will be contributing to the promotion of good habits of your loved ones.

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