Make 5 Simple “Adjustments” in your Dinners to Lose Weight!

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To the extent possible we must ensure that our dinners are always early so we can do the digestion before going to bed and ensure adequate rest. Beyond what you may think, skipping your dinners will not make you lose more weight. What you will achieve in reality is losing health and well-being. Eating well is synonymous to living well. Therefore, nothing can help us to feel better inside and out than to try harder. We must take care not only everything we put on our plates, but also those habits that accompany our food. An example of this is our schedules. The time at which we dine will undoubtedly determine that we have a better or a worse rest. Thus, a copious meal late at night will make our body have to make an extra effort to digest food. As a result, insomnia will appear and, with it, progressive weight gain. If we look closely “they are small things doing a lot “. And it is in this way that, almost without realizing it, there appears that extra kilo, that morning fatigue, that stomach acidity and, in the future, even that diabetes.

We must take care of ourselves, we must listen to ourselves and we must improve the quality of our dinners a little more. Today we explain 5 simple adjustments in your dinners that you can do to achieve it: they do not cost money and are easy to apply.

1. Start with a Soup

Carrot soup, celery, pumpkin … It never hurts to get a delicious recipe and fresh seasonal vegetables to prepare a healthy and sensational soup. The reason why it is advisable to include them in our dinners and as a first course is simple: they will help us feel satiated. In addition, they will allow us to sleep much better by avoiding an extra load in the digestion and, by the way, we will obtain good nutrients. Also, being a dish that is usually taken hot is ideal for people who come home with a little anxiety. It forces us to eat slowly and offers a comforting relief to our stomachs.

2. Why Should We have Dinner Soon?

We know, it is not always possible to dine at the time we would like. We all depend on schedules and obligations. However, to the extent that we can, we must dine at least two hours before going to bed. In this way we can have between 7 and 8 hours of deep rest and restful.

“This way we will give our metabolism the opportunity to digest the nutrients, to have an adequate sleep and to take care of our weight and well-being”.

3. It is not About Dining “Little”, but Choosing the Best Foods

Between not having dinner and eating a bag of chips, it is better not to have dinner at all. Between having a baked potato and a plate of fish with spinach, the last will always be better. Therefore, it is about eating well. It is basic to choose those foods that are ideal for your dinners. These would be a few guidelines:

  • Better cooked vegetables than raw ones, since we will digest them better.
  • Better fish than meat. Our body at this time thanks more fish protein, and above all, it’s healthy fatty acids, wonderful for the heart and for our weight.
  • Add -without exceeding- whole grains or seeds in your dinners between two and three times a week. They will help you repair tissues at night.

4. No to the Batter, the Sauces, the Fried…

We know that when we prepare our dinners we usually do not have much time or desire.  That’s why we often resort to the classic fritters, those frozen dumplings, those battered squid that breaded chicken… It is not adequate for three basic reasons: it will make us gain weight, we will not feel satiated and it will take much longer to digest these foods. Not to mention, in addition, that they are not especially nutritious. Thus, and only as an example, an idea for our dinners to help us lose weight and take care of our health, nothing better than to include:

  • Fish rich in omega 3
  • A piece of digestive fruit
  • A glass of milk oatmeal with honey
  • Relaxing infusions such as lime or sage

5. Fruit Yes or Fruit Not in our Dinners?

The fruit in our dinners can be a danger if we choose those that are usually heavier, richer in sugar or even that too processed that has lost all its original nutrients.

  • As a recommendation, it should be remembered that roasted apples are a good thing for a good dinner.
  • Papayas or pears are also sensational.
  • Also, bananas not too ripe are fantastic for a specific reason: they contain tryptophan, an amino acid that will help us have a deep and relaxing rest.
  • As a tasty proposal, we cannot forget the gelatin. Very suitable to consume between 2 and 3 times per week in our dinners.

To conclude, these 5 ideas are easy to apply and will help us not only to improve our line, but also to take a little more care of our lifestyle habits. Do you dare to put them into practice in your dinners starting today?


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