How To Increase Your Levels Of Good Cholesterol

Among other practices, exercise and diet are attractive activities for a large number of people who want to get to their homes and look good in the mirror. However, these and other practices not only bring external benefits to the individual. For example, these people may not take into account the incredible positive changes in the levels of good cholesterol that lead to a healthy and active life.

The High Density Lipoproteins are essential allies in the great goal of being healthy and enjoying life to the fullest. Follow these steps and improve your levels of good cholesterol, while reducing the risks that bad cholesterol brings to health.

How to raise your good cholesterol

1.Knowing your cholesterol levels is the key!

The first step to follow is as simple as knowing what your cholesterol values ​​are and whether or not they are within normal parameters. For this, go to your nearest medical center and ask for a lipid profile. In this analysis, you will see three crucial data: total cholesterol, good cholesterol or HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) and bad cholesterol or LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein). The values ​​considered as standard of total cholesterol should not exceed 200 mg / dl and those of HDL should be around 60 mg / dl.

It is important to know your levels of good cholesterol

2.Get rid of bad cholesterol

In life, few tasks are solved sitting in an armchair. In effect, maintaining or improving your cholesterol levels depends on your day-to-day activities, and exercise or minimal physical activity is crucial.

It does not take hours of training, it is totally understandable that working conditions are limiting when establishing a routine. However, this is not an impediment. Whether walking the family pet, walking or biking to work or even during the afternoon break could help you. A minimum physical effort that lasts at least 30 minutes will be enough.

3.Control your weight

The obesity or simple overweight negatively affects levels of good cholesterol and boosts bad cholesterol. A simple way to know if you have a slight overweight is with a measurement of hip and waist. With this in mind, you must divide the measurement of your hip with that of your waist.

If you are a woman, there is overweight if the measure goes beyond 0.8 and if you are a man, it exists if it passes 1.

4.Stop smoking

If you have acquired the habit of smoking, it is time to stop. In addition to the countless problems that tobacco brings, this activity also affects HDL levels in your body.

The simple fact of quitting smoking is one of the most important and simple steps to prevent heart problems.

5.Check and improve your eating habits

A diet full of nutrients and fiber incredibly improves good cholesterol levels and reduces bad ones. In fact, it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to control cholesterol. It is also another reason to reduce or suppress the consumption of very caloric foods, which contain Tran’s fats or simple carbohydrates and opt for fruits or vegetables, foods full of nutrients and fiber.

Specifically for cholesterol levels, it is advisable to consume fatty acids such as Omega-3, which can be found in large quantities in salmon, trout or nuts such as almonds, peanuts and cereals such as oats.

6.Take the right medicines

Under the critical safety of a doctor, medication can facilitate this goal when it does not seem sufficient to follow the steps above.

If you are at high risk for a heart attack or a rapid increase in HDL is necessary, medication can be crucial. Statins are the medications usually prescribed to lower cholesterol, in contrast to niacin-based supplements, which can cause unpleasant side effects.


It is essential to understand that good cholesterol is essential for a healthy and full life. Knowing your cholesterol levels is the first step towards improvement and based on this foundation, you must build an active lifestyle, with physical activity of at least 30 minutes, measure your weight and make a change in your diet orienting it towards natural foods, nutritious and with high amounts of fiber.

Finally, if the assistance of a doctor is necessary, the medications prescribed by this doctor can really make a difference on the way to a better quality of life.

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