Is it True that Spicy Food Helps to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way?


Spicy food helps us avoid fluid retention and keeps us sated. In addition, capsaicin, present in foods such as chili peppers or ginger, speeds up metabolism. Chile, spicy paprika, ginger, chili pepper, red pepper , cayenne, tabasco … If you like spicy food, you will surely be familiar with all these foods and you will even enjoy seeing them. We cannot deny it. They are stimulating and give us a pleasant sensation by releasing a good amount of endorphins in our body. However, spicy food is not to everyone’s taste. There are many who cannot with it and also suffer stomach problems to consume it. You may have heard that “spicy food is good for weight loss”. What is the truth behind this statement?

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Is it the right spicy to lose weight? We explain it to you in the following article.

The Relationship Between Spicy Food and Weight Loss

In the first place, we must be very clear that not all people assimilate spicy in the same way. This is something that you should check for yourself to regulate or even avoid consumption, since, if you have a sensitive stomach or suffer from a problem in the intestines, spicy ingestion can be dangerous, as well as painful. However, it should be said that spicy food is usually adequate to lose weight. And should always be consumed in moderation, following a balanced diet and low in fat.

These are the reasons why spicy eating is suitable for weight loss:

  • All spicy foods, such as those mentioned above or ginger, contain capsaicin, a type of resin that acts as an excellent active ingredient to accelerate metabolism.
  • What it does is stimulate the brain receiver that controls the temperature of the body, and thus, forces the body to consume more energy, that is, to consume the reserves of fat accumulated in the adipose tissues.
  • Spicy food also helps us avoid fluid retention.
  • It gives us a feeling of   fullness.
  • Spicy food is adequate to inhibit the proliferation of immature fat cells, preventing them from becoming adults and in that type of more resistant fat that causes obesity.

The General Benefits of Spicy Food

As we have indicated, spicy food will be beneficial as long as we eat it in moderation. If we get used to consuming it every day we could suffer irritations, aggravate the condition of our hemorrhoids if we have them, and even get to suffer from stomach hyperacidity. So, always do it with balance. Spicy food, in addition to being suitable for weight loss, can also help us in these aspects.

Improves Circulation

The capsaicin and accelerate our metabolism and prevent the accumulation of fat, is very suitable to reduce inflammation of the arteries and improve blood circulation. By consuming that infusion of ginger or that rice spiced with chili, the body temperature rises and with it increases blood flow. Nor can we forget that spicy food is rich in vitamins A and C.

“These are very beneficial to strengthen our blood vessels and fight dangerous arteriosclerosis”.

Spicy Food is Good to Protect us from Cancer

According to numerous studies, capsaicin present in spicy foods helps us to reduce the growth of cancer cells. This reduces the incidence and the likelihood of suffering from some type of tumor. It is interesting to keep it in mind to introduce some spicy dishes in our diet in moderation.

Spicy Food is Good to Prevent Colds and Cure Flu

Did you know? Spicy food has always been used to reduce nasal congestion, sinusitis, and even to combat asthma. Nor can we forget that when consuming spicy our brain secretes endorphins, which, by improving the mood, also helps us feel a little better in these convalescence processes.

The Best Spicy Foods to Lose Weight

What kind of spicy food should you include in your diet to lose weight?

Take note of the healthiest:

  • Chilies or chili peppers: These are the ones that contain the most capsaicin and, consequently, the hottest.
  • Ginger: Ideal if after the central meal of the day you prepare a good infusion.
  • Cumin: It chops much less, but it is very suitable to include in our meals (for example, in legumes).
  • Curry: turmeric gives it its characteristic yellow color and contains small amounts of capsaicin very suitable to include every day in our diet, without feeling the consequences of the food “very spicy”.
  • Cayenne pepper: it is very medicinal and usually sold in both grain and powder, so we can better control the amounts and include it moderately in our meals.


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