What Are The Characteristics Of People Who Manage To Lose Weight?

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to lose weight and maintain their ideal weight, and other people find it very difficult?

Factors such as health and emotions can directly intervene in this aspect, as they can make you feel tired or down and unable to lose weight. However, these variables are not the only ones, since the characteristics and habits of the person can make him fail in his goal of losing weight.

Do not wait any longer and know what are the characteristics of people who have been able to lose weight and maintain it, so you can try to acquire those characteristics to feel good about yourself.

Characteristics of people who manage to lose weight

1.Do not believe that losing weight is a matter of luck

Many people, unable to lose weight, stop being realistic and begin to believe that losing weight is based on talent or even luck.

If you want to lose weight, you cannot believe in that old myth. The reality is that success in a diet never depends on the luck of the person; rather it is the result of hundreds or thousands of small actions that are carried out in time to reach the proposed goal.

2.They know and accept the real reasons why they want to lose weight

People who manage to lose weight clearly define their purpose, then create a vision of them and let them guide them to their goal.

How to determine the reasons that motivate me to lose weight?

The first thing you should do is analyze if your weight is really bothering you. In turn, you must determine why it bothers you: it may prevent you from doing some of the activities that you like or that are causing health effects.

Among the most common motivations to lose weight are the following:

  • Difficulty playing with children.
  • Impossibility to participate in a running race.
  • Avoid heart disease

After you determine the purpose for which you must fight, it will be easier for you to adapt to your dietary program and perform the necessary activities to reach your goal.

3.They are persistent

Many people want to lose weight, but do not have the perseverance necessary to do so and therefore fail in their attempt.

The people who manage to lose weight and maintain have among their main qualities perseverance as indicated by a popular saying “he who perseveres wins.”

That is why, when we know or hear that a person manages to maintain their weight, it is essential that we know that the person follows their diet plan judiciously even when it is difficult.

4.Are surrounded by people committed to lose weight

The research affirms that people willing to achieve their goals are surrounded by people who can contribute to achieve them, that is why people who want to lose weight are surrounded by others who follow dietary programs or similar sports activities.

People who have similar goals tend to motivate and encourage each other to get ahead, even in the most difficult times.

How to find people with similar goals to mine?

Fortunately, there are many ways to surround yourself with these ideal people to reach your goals, for example the following:

  • Fitness groups: these groups can have variable contents for any type of person that likes to carry out any sport activity and stay healthy. The spirit of these groups is to be composed of people who fight for their goals and goals, which is a great motivator.
  • Programs to monitor the weight: there are many challenges to lose weight led by experts who offer a private group on Face book for members.
  • Support groups: in hospitals near your home, you can surely find support to lose weight.

The key is to be close to people you really identify with and are committed to the cause of achieving a healthy weight.

5.They make several attempts

It is important to understand that the road to success is rarely simple, most of the time we have to work hard to achieve our goal.

If you make a plan and fail you should try again as a Japanese proverb says “fall seven times, get up 8”. The same thing happens when it comes to losing weight.

Professor Duckworth indicates that when it comes to losing weight and it can not be achieved, trauma can be generated and the person feels completely helpless.

The most advisable thing is that you do not get carried away by those negative emotions. You well know that you can achieve your goal of losing weight.


People who manage to lose weight know that the way to achieve it is not easy; However, they put all their effort and perform the necessary actions to achieve it in the long term, in addition to acquiring the ability to observe the actions of other people who have managed to do so and then use that knowledge to get ahead with greater motivation and confidence.


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